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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  March 8, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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. >> we are aware of several planning. >> baltimore county woman accused of orchestrating her husband's murder. who police say provided the gun. >> chaos at place where kids play. why a man used pepper spray at a child's birthday party. >> couple of more days of sun but then the rain areeves. how long the showers will last and when we hit the 60's in the sky watch forecast. >> and thousands without water for three days now. when the tap will finally start running again. >> hello.
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>> for 9,000 dollars police say a baltimore county woman arranged her husband's murder. >> several people are already behind bars and tonight police say more arrest are pending. kathleen has more on the top story tonight. kathleen? >>reporter: police do expect to make more arrests in this case. william porter was killed last monday. tonight his wife carla is in jail charged in a murder for hire scheme. mr. porter was killed at his gas station on jaffa road in towns and. police say carla porter was planning the murder for months. the hired hit man told detective he was paid 9,000 dollars. carla's sister allegedly provided the gun. >> led to a scheme involving mrs. porter who in fact arranged for the death of her husband. participated along with family members and several other associates to carry out the murder at the filling station. >>reporter: charging documents indicate carla and william porter were having marital problems. it shows
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carla even told a witness her husband had been abusive. however there is no court record indicating she had ever brought that complaint to police. this is fox 45 news at 5:30. you can see the police chief full press conference by going to fox slash raw news. despite the gas station murder violent crime in baltimore county is down. of 8 serious crime category 6 have gone down. arson down 23 percent followed by car theft and robbery. baltimore couldn't executive says detectives are very quick to solve the problems and unusually high arrest numbers. >> last year our 75 percent violent crime rate which is 30 percent higher than the national clearance rate including a 78 percent clearance rate for murders. >>reporter: still homicide were up by nearly 7% and rape increased by nearly 3 percent.
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5-year-old birthday party ends with parents pepper sprayed and their children suffering the secondhand effects. it happened in glen byrne over the weekend. joy has a story you are seeing first on fox. joy? >>reporter: jennifer, chaotic scene broke out over the weekend that put the lives of very young children and their parents in danger. what should have ended as a cherished childhood memory is instead tonight filled with terror. >> didn't even care there were children everywhere. >>reporter: parents tell fox 45 that from the get go there were problems with how workers were interacting with children at this bounce around in glen byrne. several described it to police as rude and disrespectful but that was just the beginning. things quickly got worse. eventually parents say they were locked out. many had wives and
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children trapped inside. then came the pepper spray. panic parents fought to gain access. >> i felt like in the commotion it was a soda or drink that had spilled. hit me in the face. then it took about 2 seconds for me to realize exactly what it was. from that point i couldn't see. it was chaos at that point. >> wish i never would have went there. you know. wouldn't think something like this would have happened at my 5-year-old's party. >>reporter: the owner also allegedly threatened to arrest everyone at the party. that want was later arrested by police for impersonating a police officer as well as reckless endangerment. now one parent was also arrested. the owner today declined to comment. this is news at 5:30. former baltimore raven is ordered to stay away from his wife and daughter at least for now. baltimore county
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district court judge granted michael's wife mary a temporary protective order after she filed a complaint that he threatened her and the couple's nanny. couple is in the process of getting a divorce. he will be in court next monday to tell his side of the story. after that a judge will decide whether to grant the wife a final protective order. students and parents rally again to save their school. melinda live tonight outside gibbons high school where the catholic church will discuss the pending closure. melinda. >>reporter: well cardinal is one of 10 catholic school ins baltimore city that the diocese plans to close but parents and students are protesting that closure in full force. they rally over the weekend in the school auditorium and tonight they plan to return with signs in hand. officials from the catholic diocese here will be here to address their concerns but spokesman says it is unlikely church leaders will change their mind. they say the declining enrollment has left them no choice. >> some of our city schools
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have as many as 70% of their seats vacant. the number of schools having more empty seats than students. like our families, some school administrators find themselves having to choose among which bills to pay. >>reporter: now that meeting tonight with school officials and parents begin at 7:00 o'clock. school officials say they are not going to allow any news camera into the meeting. however parents have plenty to say about it and we will hear from them tonight at 10:00 o'clock. live from cardinal gibbons school in west baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 5:30. thank you. end could be near for a lawsuit against the baltimore school system dating back 26 years. school officials say a federal judge has given preliminary approval for settlement involving special ed students ending oversight in the special ed program and end the lawsuit entirely within two years. >> we have worked closely with the plaintiffs and we have
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made improved services to our students a top priority. this is a challenge that i think we will rise to meet every day on behalf of those students. >>reporter: lawsuit was filed back in 1984 on behalf of one baltimore city student and wound up including more than 30 plaintiffs. how are the roads looking tonight. kandace has the traffic edge report. kandace. >>reporter: thank you jennifer. we check in on the actual speeds out there and right now looking at 57 miles per hour on 95 in the northeast corner. so that is not too bad. but then look at this on the belt way to pikesville on the inner loop lanes at 13 miles per hour. so difficult ride from that advantage point. as far as what is happening out there, there, some trouble on the jfx. there's a crash on the northbound lanes at cold spring lane. want to use charles street as alternate routes. and then just inside the heart of downtown baltimore we do have a crash there as well. light street
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there is a crash. main line in and out of the downtown region 95 at the 8 95 merge we can show you that scene. not a pretty picture on northbound lanes and unfortunately that goes all the way up to rose dale and then eventually towards the belt way. south bound lanes getting by just fine down to the tunnel. that's a look at the evening travels, now back over to you. thank you. great weather to start the work week but there is some rain in the forecast. >> vytas will joan us in just a few minutes to tell us when the rain will arrive. >> when is the right time? for health insurance. >> pushing health care reform. how president obama is hoping to win over americans. >> and i'm keith. people are lining up in baltimore county for water. when will the water be turned back on? water be turned back on? we'll have the latest coming
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>> well the water is still off for thousands of people in baltimore county. three days now after that major water main break. >> it's affecting resident in owner mills rise town and glen dan. officials can't say when it will resume either. >> neighbors without service, steve steve. >>reporter: this is mitchell drive. baltimore county officials are passing out bottled water and also have non-potable water for people who need it for the toilet and things like that but people have got to remember to bring their own containers. this customer pulled up here. about how many people do you have. >> i don't know we keep filling that's all i know. they keep coming we'll keep filling. >>reporter: he good job. they fill up for this customer in the blue van. all of this water is going to him. now initially the break affected about 100,000 homes and businesses. public works spokesman says the number is now at 50,000 customers
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without water. crews are working to rebuild tanks. 1.3 million gallons of water emptied during the break. they say it drained the entire system. they are calling the repair work a slow but steady process. >> we really have to build up the system. not just the tanks. it's the pipes that are underground. everything d drains, okay. pipes are draining the house. pipes are draining in the streets. and the tanks are draining. all that has to be remen issued. >>reporter: now we are back here live again people are coming here at the sports plex. rice town sports plex where drinking water and non-potable water. when we talked to the spokesperson again today he said that it could be a day or 2 before the water is turned on in people's home and this is to meet their basic needs. basic hygiene needs and for cooking but they say things won't be back to full work until the main is totally repaired. we have more on the story tonight at
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10:00. for now live in rice town, fox 45 news at 5:30. what a mess. thank you keith. >> coverage of the water main break will continue tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. we'll have updates on when the water will be back on and if schools will be closed again tomorrow. it's coming down to the wire as president obama sets a march 18 deadline on his pending health care measure. he's on the road this week promoting the plan. the president says the plan will stop insurance companies from raising costs and refusing to cover the sick. president obama says health insurers continue to raise the rate because there's so little competition. >> within the first year of signing health care reform thousands of uninsured americans with pre-existing conditions would suddenly be able to purchase health insurance for the very first time in their lives. >>reporter: still republicans say the plan is too costly and piles even more debt on americans. when senator ted kennedy died last year voters in
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massachusetts got to choose his successor in a special election. that would not be the case if it happened here. in maryland if u.s. senator couldn't serve a full 6 year term governor o'malley would name a replacement. so bill now being considered by the general assembly would change that and allow voters to choose a successor in a special election. >> i know we are in a budget crisis. i know what the problems are. this may cost a couple million dollars but what is democracy worth? >>reporter: mike miller opposes the idea and says it would wind up costing state and local government several million dollars. that brings us to our question of the day. should there be a special election to replace maryland senator if he or she can't complete their term? go to our web site and let us know what you think. sound off through face book, send us a tweet at fox baltimore. you can text us at 45203 enter fox 45 a.for yes and b.for no. and response might air tonight
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on fox 45 news at 10:00. absolutely fantastic day out there today. good weather just keeps oncoming. >> really perfect but is it going to stick around. vytas joins us with the sky watch forecast. vytas. >>reporter: yes. beautiful day. great day to get outside and enjoy all the beautiful sunshine and the temperatures on the warm side of things upper 50's and lower 60's. ac radar right now over the 60 looking pretty good in white m marsh, essex and folks in glen byrne, randall's town nice clear skies and continue to stay dry through the overnight into tomorrow as we hold on to that high pressure in the neighborhood. winds out of the west right now at 14. looking at 12 in dc. 12 in hagerstown. current temperatures sitting 58 degrees in hagerstown. 58 in baltimore. looking at 60 degrees in dc. fredericksburg looking at 62 degrees. nice warm air that moves up out of the south south west sticking with us through the next couple days here. tonight we see clear skies down to 42
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degrees. northwest wind 5 to 10. tell you more about some changes in the forecast in the form of some rain drops coming down coming up in just a minute. >> thanks so much. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized forecas forecast. i radar now available at fox use the interactive tools tracking the storms down to your neighborhood. go to our web site i radar. a big night for actress and baltimore native monique. ♪
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>> stars were shining at the 82nd annual academy awards last night. >> we have the recap including major win for baltimore native. kandace. >>reporter: that's right jeff. what a night at the kodak theater. it all began with music and entertainment but then the focus turned to those golden statues. tonight we are looking back at who walked away as winners. >> and the winner is the hurt locker. >>reporter: hurt locker is feeling no pain and sitting on top of the movie world. after winning 6 academy awards including the night top honor. >> tomorrow way to describe it is the moment of a life time. >>reporter: director catherine big low became the first woman to ever take that trophy. [applause] best actor winners
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both got standing ovations. putting cheek to cheek smiles on jeff bridges and sandra bullock. >> the winner is inglorious bastard. >>reporter: no shocker in the supporting acting category. when chris wall and monique walked away with the trophies. >> i would like to thank the academy for showing that it can be about the performance and not the politics. >> i want to plug my tale, my braid. >>reporter: that is ben stiller giving away the visual effect oscar and co-host steve martin and alec baldwin having fun entertaining the crowd. >> wait a minute, al. is that the director of avatar james cameron?
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>>reporter: not getting the last laugh avatar walked away with only 3 of its 9 nominations. but in the end the evening celebrated a year of milestones achievement and accomplishment. >> welcome to camp victory. i thought it was camp liberty. >> no they changed that about a week ago. victory sounds better. >>reporter: twilight actor robert pattinson hoping for box office gold this weekend. we'll preview the new project, project, remember me, on friday. i'm kandace that's the low down. french fans getting a third season of the sci-fi show after lagging ratings season 2 has shown good performance in the new then to continue p.m. thursday time slot. show renewed for third full season. second part of season 2 picks up with all new episode starting on thursday april first right here on fox 45. on friday the ravens pulled the trigger on a trade for a big time receiver.
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today bold enmet the baltimore media the first time. you will hear from him next in sports.
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>> welcome back. i'm bruce cunningham. ravens got a lot better over the weekend. a lot better. they traded 2 draft pick to the cardinals for veteran receiver bold enand today we got the first look at him he got the first look at the new work shirt. his familiar 81 on the purple ravens engineers. he says he has been talking to the cardinals on and off for awhile and things got heated up on friday and got the deal done in a couple hours. the way he plays the game will make ravens and him a perfect fit. >> i think it's a place that fits me. way i prove the
5:57 pm
game. way i play the game. guys they have here, guys that want to win. don't worry about the glory or anything like that. those guys just want to get the job done. i think i fit in perfect with that. >>reporter: much more with bold entonight on sports unlimited. with the acc tournament set to begin this weekend maryland got good news. moved up in the ranking to no. 19 and leader got some much deserved recognition. ravens vasquez unanimous selection to the all acc team. senior was second team selection the last two years. this season his 19 point and league leading assist per game led them through a title in the acc. virginia tech baltimore native and duke john also unanimous pick. clemson booker and single round out the first time. remember watch the entire acc tournament over on our sister station cw baltimore all weekend long starting thursday at noon. running all the way
5:58 pm
through sunday championship game. orioles blank by the twins this afternoon. 5 nothing. we have highlights of that plus our play of the week count down. all coming up at 10 o 50 on sports unlimited. back to you. >> thank you bruce. abouter take today. >> what happens later on in the week. vytas with the latest. >>reporter: gorgeous conditions out there today. plenty of sunshine. clear sky. in fact still looking pretty clear for our sky cam at the sunseting out there. 57 degrees. clear skies. still nice mild evening. we see the sun set cool off a bit. winds out of the west at 14. humidity level only 21 percent. so very low moisture level in the atmosphere at this time. almanacs story of the day high of 59 degrees to the south of us. folks down there as much as 60. start out at 30 this morning. record high of 83 degrees back in the year 2000 but we are slowly getting our temperature warming which is the good news. temperatures across the region and 60's south of us and 95 the warm air building and 95 the warm air building in from the
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